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Adoption Advocates, Jay H. Ginsburg, P.C., corrects the aim of the stork. It is our mission to bring parents and children together while helping create relationships and a new family.

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Agency Adoption Representation

We help families through the adoption process including assistance when interstate adoptions arise.

Agency Adoptions

Foster Care Adoption Legal Services

We provide assistance in helping your foster care adoption go swiftly and cost-effectively.

Foster Care Adoptions

Stepparent Adoption Attorney Representation

We provide assistance with second-parent adoptions including representation for same-sex couples seeking to adopt a child.

Stepparent Adoptions

Estate Planning Attorney

We help you make sure that you are protecting you and your family for the future.

Estate Planning

Adoption Advocates,
Jay H. Ginsburg, P.C.

When parents decide to adopt a child, they are setting into motion a new family that will extend out to innumerable aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. While the law recognizes the legal relationship between the parent and the child, there is a profound effect on many people beyond the immediate family involved. This heart-felt connection expands out like a ripple in a pond, affecting the lives of many people.

At Adoption Advocates, Jay H. Ginsburg, P.C., we love working with families to make the joy of parenthood possible. Without adoption, many children would grow up in a life of misery, deprivation, abuse or pain. We help parents adopt all children including those children who experienced abuse or neglect, or are medically fragile or terminally ill.

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