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An Attorney Who Understands The Agency Adoption Process

The agency adoption process is complex. Especially when considering an interstate adoption, you must take into consideration the approval process of at least two different states. Before completing the adoption process, you will also want to take into consideration the future role the biological parents may play in interacting with the children.


At Adoption Advocates, The Law Offices of Jay H. Ginsburg, P.C., we will address all of your agency adoption concerns. While our lawyers and staff regularly provide adoption services for Montgomery County residents, we also provide adoption services for prospective parents across the nation. We will review and prepare post-adoption contract agreements. We will also provide helpful advice when it comes to the role that other parties should play when it comes to raising your new child.

Why You May Need Attorney Representation

While agencies can provide tremendous services in assisting you in the adoption of a child, the agency does not represent your interests. As adoption may be one of the most important decisions you ever make, it is important to have someone there to protect your interests and look out for you.

The adoption process differs depending upon whether it is a private adoption agency or public adoption agency. The selection process and the age of the children placed for adoption can greatly vary depending on which type of agency adoption you pursue.

We can help you decide on which sort of process is best for you. As we have substantial experience in dealing with these agencies, we can help you understand the process, the waiting period for the adoption to take place and discuss with you all of the challenges that may arise during agency adoptions.

Act 101 Post-Adoption Agreements

Under Pennsylvania law, Act 101 allows for parents of adopted children and biological relatives of the child to enter into agreements concerning any contact after an adoption takes place. The advantage of an Act 101 agreement is its enforceability in our courts. While parties may enter into less formal agreements in good faith, there may be no remedy for parents if there is breach of such an agreement.

When Act 101 came into law in 2011, Adoption Advocates, The Law Offices of Jay H. Ginsburg, P.C., drafted some of the earliest of these agreements in a number of Pennsylvania counties. We understand what such agreements need to address. This includes drafting provisions regarding photos, letters and visitations. We draft an Act 101 agreement in a manner best meeting your personal circumstances.

An Act 101 agreement is not right for every agency adoption. For instance, such agreements may create difficulties in private adoption cases. We will let you know our thoughts on whether an Act 101 agreement is right for you. We also will review and prepare such agreements to meet every contingency.

Learn More About Agency Adoptions

For more information and to speak to an attorney regarding your situation, please contact Adoption Advocates, The Law Offices of Jay H. Ginsburg, P.C., in Norristown, by calling 610-672-7334​.