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Care And Attention For Grandparent Adoptions

Adoption can change a child’s life for the better, sometimes removing them from situations in which their biological parents cannot provide them with a safe or healthy environment. Grandparent adoptions have the added benefit of keeping the children with a biological relative with whom they likely already have a relationship. If you are considering adopting a grandchild, the skilled attorneys at Adoption Advocates, The Law Offices of Jay H. Ginsburg, P.C. can help you understand the adoption process and the impact this decision can have on you and the child.

Adopting A Grandchild In Pennsylvania

 In Pennsylvania, the parents’ custodial rights must have been cut off in order for a grandparent to adopt. A court can sever parental rights if the parent(s):

  • Agreed to terminate their rights
  • Abandoned the child
  • Neglected or failed to care for the child
  • Assaulted or killed the child’s other parent
  • Sexually assaulted the child or another child of the same parent
  • Sexually assaulted the child’s other parent, resulting in the child’s conception

If the parents have retained their custodial rights and wish to remain the child’s legal parent, a grandparent may sue to adopt the child. As with most adoptions, the grandparents will have to prove that they will be suitable parents before the court grants the adoption.

Every family situation is different from the next. Our team will work to understand the particulars of your family dynamic and discuss with you how you may be able to proceed. Founding attorney Jay Ginsburg has represented clients in roughly 5,000 adoption cases, and he lends that knowledge and experience to every step of the adoption process through our firm.

Get The Answers And Representation You Need

If you have questions about grandparent adoption or are seeking to adopt a grandchild, contact Adoption Advocates, The Law Offices of Jay H. Ginsburg, P.C. in Norristown to schedule an introductory consultation. Call us at 610-672-7334 or contact us online.