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Handling Your Stepparent Adoption With The Care It Deserves

Though you may be a stepparent fulfilling all of the duties of a loving parent, the biological parents of the child may still retain legal rights. At Adoption Advocates, The Law Offices of Jay H. Ginsburg, P.C., we can help you gain full decision-making authority regarding the welfare of your stepchild through the stepparent adoption process. We have been providing such legal representation to residents of Philadelphia, Carbon, Chester and Montgomery counties seeking stepparent adoption for over 30 years. Besides helping make the joy of parenthood possible for you, we also provide you the ability to make all of the right choices when it comes to meeting the needs of your stepchild.


Eliminating Difficulties During The Stepparent Adoption Process

As adopting a stepchild may be one of the most important steps you ever take, having an attorney who thoroughly understands the process is invaluable. Attorney Jay H. Ginsburg has provided representation to Pennsylvania residents in over 5,000 adoption cases. This includes handling of adoptions under almost every sort of circumstance, including private adoptions, foreign adoptions and interstate agency adoptions.

The stepparent adoption often involves obtaining consent from the biological parent. We can negotiate with this parent on your behalf and make certain that any consent given meets Pennsylvania requirements. We will also help you out during those situations when a parent cannot be located.

Same-Sex Couple Adoptions

Many of the stepparent adoption cases we handle concern same-sex couples. This includes handling a substantial number of what are known as second-parent adoptions. A second-parent adoption allows for you to adopt a child without the other parent losing his or her parental rights.

We treat such matters with compassionate care, and provide substantial attention to detail. Our No. 1 priority in all such adoption matters is protecting your rights. We make ourselves available in answering your questions, and will always look out for your interests.

Contact Our Law Firm Today

The law for adopting stepchildren can be complex. And every adoption case is different. At Adoption Advocates, The Law Offices of Jay H. Ginsburg, P.C., our Montgomery County lawyers and staff answer your questions and always make ourselves available for you. To find out whether stepparent adoption is an option for you, contact our Norristown law office by calling 610-672-7334​.